We offer bulk water delivery for your larger water needs

What we offer


We offer clean water delivery for your pool or hot tub to save you money on filtration and chemicals.


Is your well running dry ? you can contact us today to get it refilled at a reasonable rate.

Holding Tanks

We offer water delivery for your holding tank, Please contact us today to receive a quote.

On-site Delivery

We offer on-site delivery service, please contact us today to schedule a time and date.

About us


Delivering water for: pools, wells, hot tubs, holding tanks, ponds, lawns, ships or any of your larger water needs. We have a small and larger tanker to be provided depending on our customer’s requirements.

A story about our beginning; Eastern Lights Transport Bulk Water Delivery was founded in 1997, when Michael and I purchased a swimming pool for our children and we had no way to fill it with water. If we used our well to fill the pool then the well would go dry and if we filled the pool from our pond then it would take a summer to get the pool clean. So, we borrowed a small tanker trailer and found the freshwater to begin. During the process of filling our pool, we had various people stop at our home to ask if we could fill their pool or well. From this, and from already owning semi-trailers, the business idea blossomed.

We haul only potable water from The Town of Bridgewater’s purifying station. Whether you require it for your lawn, pool or pond, it’s always water that is safe to drink.

Eastern Lights Transport Bulk Water Delivery a company owed and operated by Ever-Ready Trucking LTD.

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